Every industry and profession has its unsavory characters. While much of the world gambling trade is now regulated, there are still plenty of regions in the dark grey and darker zones. As well, whenever extraordinary amounts of money or opportunity are available in any business, a few bad apples will try to take advantage of it. We cover the important breaking crime news here which can include anything from a compromised regulator to small-time crooks looking to profit off some weakness in security.

In a matter of a few short years, we have shown the spotlight on well over 500 incidences of malfeasance running the gamut from insider trading to casino heists, cheating, hacking, money laundering, illegal bookmaking, data breaches, unlicensed operations, tax evasion, conspiracy, racketeering, bribery, and financial fraud.

We don't cover every single sensational crime, because this isn't clickbait - it's just us doing our part as responsible participants in an industry that should always remain transparent and accountable... an industry so self-conscious about its past that violations are often brought to a regulator's attention by the very actors who have made a mistake.

Fraudulent website warning issued by Macau Legend Development Limited

Asian casino operator, Macau Legend Development Limited, has reportedly been forced to issue an official statement warning the wider public about an ostensibly fraudulent website that is allegedly utilizing its...