In India and a high court has heard that it is not technically feasible to institute a blanket ban on online gaming websites since many of the nation’s states already allow punters to enjoy virtual games of skill.

According to a Sunday report from the online news domain at, the Delhi High Court had ordered the central government and the National Capital Territory of Delhi to assess a request that they should start preventing locals from accessing skill-based iGaming sites such as, and The appeal from plaintiffs Deepti Bhagat and Avinash Mehrotra purportedly alleged that many of these domains were encouraging people to spend money on games of chance, which are illegal in India, and as a result were facilitating the illicit flow of cash to offshore accounts.

Description dilemma:

However, the central government’s Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology reportedly responded by detailing that such a ban would require the formulation of a more specific definition of games of skill such as rummy when compared with their more chance-laden counterparts including roulette. The agency purportedly moreover explained that numerous Indian states already allow players to enjoy games of skill and have imposed their own rules on what constitutes chance versus skill.

Laundering limits: reported that this reply was followed by an affidavit from the Reserve Bank of India in which the institution asserted that it had already instituted all of the measures necessary to prevent illegal foreign exchange transactions associated with online gambling.

Local license:

Finally, the government for the National Capital Territory of Delhi reportedly replied by claiming that it can only regulate land-based and online gaming establishments hosted within its own boundaries and currently has no power to ban sites that are based offshore or in other Indian states.