The American state of Indiana is reportedly making plans that could see its collection of ten casinos and two racinos emerge from their ongoing coronavirus-related lockdown to begin welcoming customers again from as soon as next month.

According to a Sunday report from the news domain at, Indiana was one of the first states to respond to the coronavirus pandemic by ordering all of its casinos and entertainment facilities to close. This March 16 shuttering came only days after Governor Eric Holcomb (pictured) initiated a stay-at-home program that has limited ‘non-essential gatherings’ of over ten people and placed a range of restrictions on travel.

June focus:

But, Jenny Reske, Deputy Director for the Indiana Gaming Commission, reportedly told that Holcomb has now unveiled a four-stage plan that will permit the midwestern state’s ‘cultural, entertainment and tourism businesses,’ which is to include bars, nightclubs and casinos, to re-open at half capacity from as soon as June 14.

Reske reportedly added…

“Indiana Gaming Commission staff are working on our re-opening requirements, which will be available at a later date. The casinos must submit re-opening plans to the state before being able to welcome back patrons. The casinos are putting a lot of thought into their plans.”

Independence intent:

The news domain reported that the second phase of Holcomb’s post-coronavirus scheme began earlier today and permits some non-essential businesses in Indiana to re-open so long as they agree to follow a strict set of rules. The Republican governor’s plan would see casinos re-open during its fourth stage and envisions allowing such venues to run at full capacity from as early as July 4.

Important conditions:

However, Holcomb reportedly explained that there are four keys areas his administration will consider before deciding whether to progress through each stage of the re-opening process. These purportedly encompass a continuing decrease in the number coronavirus infections and a sufficient supply of intensive care beds and ventilators alongside a continued expansion of the state’s testing program and its ability to conduct contract tracing and outreach for those who have tested positive.

Reportedly read a Friday statement from Holcomb…

We hope we can open up the state even more in mid-June to get you back to even more of the activities you and your family are used to and missing so much in recent weeks.”