Interblock, a Las Vegas-based leader in the creation and delivery of prizewinning electronic table games (ETG) products, is excited to reveal the strategic purchase of electronic table gaming assets from Aruze Gaming America. Also, via this purchase, the company intends to increase its total number of employees by over 700 across the world.

A very important strategic step:

As the firm is well-known known for its perfect service transition, excellence and support using its robust support structure, with this purchase, Interblock’s main objective is to further enhance its already ongoing growth-focused strategy by advancing a few of the firm’s strategic initiatives, while strengthening its promise to bring inventive and ambitious solutions to the industry. In addition, it also extends the company’s international position as a market leader as it extends its cutting-edge skills to new levels.

The company is represented in the transaction by Kirkland & Ellis LLP. In this regard, when commenting on the purchase, John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock, said: “The Aruze acquisition creates a significant portfolio of innovative synergies we intend to bring to the market before the end of this calendar year. Aruze Gaming provides us with a new level of diversity we feel will accelerate our vision to make Interblock synonymous with table game technology. As we continue to differentiate ourselves in the gaming industry, this acquisition empowers us to offer a broader range of high-quality, innovative gaming solutions to our valued partners in both a traditional and online offering.”

The company reassures its stakeholders that “the aspects that have made the company successful will remain unchanged.” Additionally, customers do not have to worry about the level of quality service and continued availability of their most-loved products, as this will also stay the same, along with the existing teams responsible for providing the detailed customer service that clients are used to working with.

More details about the purchase will be revealed as the transaction advances.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Interblock’s multiplayer gaming devices are game-changing and offer superior deluxe interactive experiences. In addition, the company is internationally recognized and licensed in 328 regions worldwide, for technical support and diamond quality gaming solutions.

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