Internet Vikings is a top-rated company known for providing online gaming hosting solutions around the world. Just recently, the company launched for the very first time in the United States, offering its services in West Virginia. Now, the company is working on expanding throughout the country, adding Colorado to its growing list of available states.

Steady Growth

The iGaming hosting solutions company is steadily making its way into new states within the US. There are plans for the company to branch out into 11 more states by the end of the year. Individual states in the country continue to see the value of the iGaming industry, so regulations are implemented as well as legislation to get the ball rolling.

For Internet Vikings, the brand is able to increase its global reputation as an industry leader, with new service options in the states. With its hosting solutions, online gaming companies of all types can offer quality services to consumers.

As the company moves into the US, Elena Kvakova has led the way. She is the Head of U.S. Expansion and has an office in New York since last year. To prepare the groundwork for the launch, Kvakova had to study the differences of gambling legislation in the county as well as learn the specifics in each state.

According to Ms. Kvakova, the biggest challenge for the company was to find the right approach within the new market and trying to find their own niche in a newly formed legal environment.

Leading Experts

Because of the company’s research into the different state laws and regulations, the company is now a leading expert in gambling law within the United States. They have a better understanding of how gambling laws work in the country and can easily use this knowledge to expand into different states.

With its newly found data, Internet Vikings help other online gaming companies to get started in the market. Webinars are provided to give other companies insight as to how they can begin offering services in the US as well.

According to Kvakova, the US has limited and costly licensed hosting options. Internet Vikings provide a solid solution for these issues. The company considers the setup in a state currently, then offers a real solution as well as secure services that are not only cost-effective but also agile for the company’s individual needs.

In the future, Internet Vikings hope to offer services in all 13 major online gambling hubs within the country, offering customized solutions for the unique needs of each business.