Intralot S.A. has announced a new contract has been signed with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). The United States subsidiary of the company will be providing a lottery central system with the Lotos X platform, a lottery solution including Intralot’s lottery terminals with technology that is camera-based. The new contract is a five-year deal. The companies have the ability to extend the contract up to six years.

Long-Term Partnership:

The BCLC finished up a public procurement process for new terminals for the lottery as well as software needs in 2017. They had a contract with Novomatic but by October 2018, the BCLC and Novomatic decided to assign the contract to Intralot. Terminal hardware was already being provided to the BCLC via Intralot at the time.

By January of this year, Intralot was the successful bidder in procuring a contract for Gaming Engine Services with the BCLC. Currently, the BCLC is installing new lottery terminals along with stand-alone ticket checkers, printers and display units. Software systems related to the products are also being provided.

According to Intralot

Nikos Nikolakopoulos, the Group Deputy CEO, commented on the new partnership by stating: “We are pleased to have been awarded by BCLC with a new contract to deliver our next-generation lottery solutions which will drive players’ engagement and transform their playing experience. This agreement represents a significant milestone for INTRALOT entering the Canadian market, offering our industry-leading product portfolio to enable long-term innovation and constant growth, ultimately generating more revenue for the benefit of the Province of British Columbia community.”

Business Division Restructuring:

The announcement of the new contract comes at a time when Intralot announced a restructuring of four significant business divisions. The company announced earlier this month a decision to restructure the technology, operations, commercial and digital divisions.

A reorganization within the company has seen, Maria Stergiou, take over as the Chief Sales and Operations Officer. She was put in charge to oversee the operational subsidiaries along with the sales, bidding, supervisory and business development projects.