The American Gaming Association has spoken out against a proposal by the Internal Revenue Service that would involve electronic player tracking on casino gaming devices. During a recent IRS hearing, CEO and President of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, testified that the gaming group is in disagreement with the recent proposal that involves player tracking.

The IRS has proposed that casino loyalty cards used by players, be used as an electronic tracking device to be used for the purpose of tax reporting. However, the process of equipping the marketing tool for such activity would prove to be difficult as the card is not currently equipped for this purpose. Customers are not comfortable in regards to the proposal for the US, according to Freeman.

Speaking out on the subject, Freeman stated that the AGA recognizes the concerns and objectives of the IRS but they must question the need to impose a mandatory and across-the-board use of the player tracking tool for tax purposes. The AGA believes that there is another way for the IRS to cover tax reporting rather than with player tracking.

As a suggestion, the AGA has presented a voluntary electronic player tracking arrangement. The option could be put in place for reporting slot tax if casinos are given enough lead time in the process.