A new sports betting app is live in the state of Ohio, though it’s not what you might think. Sports betting won’t be live until next year, but Jack Entertainment is already hitting the ground running. The company announced a new online sports betting platform titled betJACK this week, offering players free gaming until real money sports betting services are live in the state.

Software Partnerships

Jack Entertainment teamed up with Kambi Group, a top-rated sports betting platform provider, and Shape Games, to create betJACK. The platform is free-to-play and can be played online via a web browser as well as a mobile app.

The betJACK platform looks just like a real-money sportsbook, providing access to traditional and niche betting markets. Players can use tokens to post bets and then once sports betting launches in Ohio, the currency will change to US dollars, which allows players to use the platform as a traditional sports betting site.

Jack Entertainment President Brian Eby commented on the new platform by stating: “Jack is thrilled to provide a fun and engaging platform to help sports fans become familiar with the world of sports betting in a free-to-play environment.

“We wanted to provide an entertaining way for sports fans to learn and become comfortable with sports betting before real money wagering goes live in Ohio, and we are excited to partner with Shape and Kambi to create an exceptional product.”

Shape Games provides the loyalty and consumer engagement tools for betJACK, focusing on the acquisition of customers and retention. The platform is the latest project of Shape Games in the US after the company developed a portfolio within the last year.

Shape Games Chief Commercial Officer Morten Tonnesen commented on the partnership, stating that the company is pleased to offer services in the US and offer players a risk-free and consumer-friendly option for real money gaming in the future.

Moving Forward with Legalization

Sports betting still has several months to go before services will be live in the state. The legislation was signed into law in December 2021 and so far, regulators have been working on setting up the framework for the industry.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission must complete the rule-making process which includes figuring out licensing for the new industry. Operator rules will also need to be put in place so providers know how to offer services in a regulated manner.

It is expected that all of the necessary protocols will be completed and the framework in place by January 1, 2023.