Most people will remember Max Baer Jr. as the lovable but half-witted nephew of Jed Clampett in the hit television show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. Jethro Bodine may have had a limited mindset but Max Baer Jr. has always reached for the stars. After the show was cancelled, Baer went on to produce films and to delve into other arenas. He has been working on building a theme-based casino complex since 1985. He conceived of the idea of a casino based around the popular show and has been working towards that goal ever since.

In 1991, Baer was able to purchase the sublicensing rights to the show including food and beverage rights from the current owner, CBS. He started his gambling empire out with 65 themed slot machines which were placed in ten casinos in 1999. Ever since he has been working on setting up and developing an entire casino/hotel complex but he has run into setback after setback along the way.

In 2003, Baer tried to develop a property in Carson City, Nevada but disputes arose not only with neighboring developers but also with building code conflicts. Baer finally gave up on that location and sold the property in 2007. He wanted to stay within the area, though, and purchased another property in nearby Douglas County, just outside the city. He paid $1.2 million dollars for the 2.5 acre lot and plans on adding another 20 acres to the parcel once he secures the needed zoning variances.

One of his toughest battles with the new acquisition is gaining approval for a gigantic oil derrick sign, signifying the oil wealth of the Beverly Hillbillies patriarch. He has had two proposals rejected over the past year but was finally granted a variance for the latest sign proposal. The one that finally was approved allows for the oil derrick design with two sign faces. The sign will be 90 feet high with a toal area of 617 square feet. Douglas County Commissioners granted approval on Baer’s 71st birthday.

Baer’s plans for Jethro Bodine’s Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino include a 40,000 sq. foot gaming area with 16 tables and 1000 slot machines. There will also be a five story hotel featuring 240 units as a part of the complex. Unique features that will play on the nostalgia of those who grew up watching the popular series will include things like:

Granny’s Shot Gun Weddin’ Chapel
Jethro’s All-You-Ken-Et Buffet
the Cement Pond
Granny’s White Lightnin’ Bar
Elly May’s Buns
Drysdales’ Fancy Eatin’ Fo Da Richins
Granny’s Vittles & Hog Jowls Coffee Shop

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun, folks? Y’all come down, ya hear?