Wheel of Fortune continues to be one of the most popular game shows found on television today. Players try their hardest to solve puzzles in the hopes of winning big prizes. On Saturday, the Kansas Star Casino played host to the traveling version of Wheel of Fortune, with players vying for spots on the upcoming season of the show.

Wheel of Fortune will start filming in July and has been sending out the Wheelmobile to look for contestants. The game show of NBC visited the casino for the very first time searching for new contestants.

Visitors to the Wheelmobile fill out an application and take part in an hourlong event. Players were separated in groups of five to participate in a round of the game. Participants received prizes themed after the game including duffel bags, t-shirts and hats. The games played are similar to the speed-up rounds of the show where players choose one letter. If the letter is on the board, the player can instantly try an solve the puzzle.

During the process, Marty Lublin stands in for Pat Sajak and interviews contestants while officials of Wheel of Fortune takes note of the individuals they would like to see on the show. Candidates who are successful will receive an email or a letter from Wheel of Fortune inviting the player for another audition.

Individuals who visited the casino this weekend were excited to take part, watching the live version of the show during the process. The Wheelmobile will continue to be in the city until Sunday afternoon.