Yesterday, Wynn Resorts Ltd announced that Kim Sinatra will no longer be working with the company, leaving several roles empty. Hired in 2004, Ms. Sinatra will be stepping down from her role as the executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of the company, effective on July 15th.

A reason for Ms. Sinatra’s departure has not been given by Wynn Resorts, with a filing stating that she and the company have not completed the terms of her transition and departure, according to GGRAsia. After being hired in 2004, Ms. Sinatra took on the role as general counsel and corporate secretary two years later. She also was placed as an officer for many of the subsidiaries within Wynn Resorts.

The departure of Ms. Sinatra comes at a time when Wynn Resorts has been focused on restructuring. Steve Wynn, the company founder, resigned earlier this year amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Over the past three months, 60% of the directors who were part of the board at the beginning of 2018 are now no longer involved with the company. In April, three new directors were appointed to the board and last month, the company announced a new role, Chief Sustainability Officer, of which Erik Hansen was appointed.

When the allegations involving Steve Wynn came to light, the co-founder of the company, Elaine Wynn, and investor advisory firms, began to pressure the board to bring in new individuals at a senior level. The company has been dealing with several issues since the sexual harassment claims have been made, including an investigation launched by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Mr. Wynn denies the claims against him.