Over the weekend, the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) hosted its Winter Poker Classic Main Event as Canterbury Park. The Minnesota gambling spot saw just over 1,000 entries into the $1,100 event, offering up $400,000 in total prize money. Because so many players took part, the guaranteed prize pool was boosted to over $1 million, ensuring those that made the final table a major payday.

On Sunday, Day 2 took place, with around 12 hours of gaming. Of the 144 that returned, it was Kyna England who landed the first-place win of just over $186,000. This was her first MSPT title. In speaking about the win, Kyna stated that during the pandemic she started using Poker Power to sharpen her skills to teach other women how to play.

Final Table Play

When the final table began at Canterbury Park, the first to go would be Aaron Frommgen. He was knocked out by Matt Morfitt with pocket kings against ace-10 suited. Morfitt would then take out Jon Hanner in 8th place. Shortly after, William Phillips was knocked out by Angela Jordison.

Cody Espeseth would exit next, dropping with top pair after Kyna was able to river a club flush. Jordison was out next after going against England. Now that the table was four-handed, it would not be long before it was down to three.

Rory Linton was out next after going up against Morfitt who held Q-high flush. The A-J was not enough, and Linton was out of the competition. Morfitt had the chip lead in three-handed play, and he took out Andy Jenc in third to make it to heads-up.

The Final Results  

He had a huge chip lead, five to one over Kyna. However, she was not giving up. Kyna doubled up early and then started to work away at Morfitt’s lead in the poker tournament. In the end, the cards would land in Kyna’s favor and she claimed her first Main Event win from the MSPT.

First Place                          Kyna England                                   $186,709

Second Place                     Matt Morfitt                                      $115,053

Third Place                         Andy Jenc                                         $85,785

Fourth Place                      Rory Linton                                       $63,582

Fifth Place                          Angela Jordison                               $48,444

Sixth Place                         Cody Espeseth                                  $37,342

Seventh Place                   William Phillips                                $29,268

Eighth Place                      Jonathan Hanner                             $22,203

Ninth Place                        Aaron Frommgen                            $18,166

The Mid-States Poker Tour will continue this year with a stop at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada later this month. The tour will host the final main event of Season 12 on December 28-30. The tournament will have a buy-in of $1,100. It will be interesting to see who shows up to compete and how the event fares as the last on the season schedule.