It was just a short time ago that Ladbrokes, a top bookmaker based in the United Kingdom, decided to offer a new featured titled Quickcall in Australia. The new service allowed in-play betting to take place via a mobile device with just one click of the mouse, if the microphone of the mobile device was activated. This service has now been removed by Ladbrokes after federal agencies began to crackdown on such activity.

The Quickcall feature seemed to be able to circumvent the legislation in Australia in regards to in-play betting only being allowed to take place via a phone call. The Quickcall option was a way for bookmakers to go around the legislation. Bet365 and William Hill are additional operators who have similar services available to members.

Advertisements for Quickcall and similar products will not be aired on the free-to-air television services of Australia until the legality of the service is proved by the courts. According to reports by the Australian newspaper, the Australian Communications and Media Authority have already contacted three different gambling companies to report they believe the service is not in compliance with the current laws.