After being stalled last summer over an environmental procedures lawsuit, Lago Resort and Casino in upstate New York will now resume construction. One of four casino license recommendations by a locations board went to the Lago developers’ $425 million project late last year. The full license must still be approved by the state Gaming Commission which could happen before the end of the year.

In a Thursday evening vote the Tyre town board approved the development’s site plan, including a new environmental review.

The town board in Tyre, Seneca County, voted Thursday evening on a site plan that included a new environmental review. Construction at the site, which will include a hotel and gaming hall, stopped over the summer after a judge invalidated its environmental review.

Tom Wilmot, spokesperson for the Lago development saidi n a statement, “Throughout this entire process, Supervisor Ron McGreevy and the entire Tyre Town Board have worked harder and more diligently than any local government body I have ever seen. They have studied the issues down to the smallest details. They have asked the tough questions and demanded solid answers,”  Wilmot said. “We appreciated those questions and we provided answers.”

As reported yesterday, local citizen complaints about the environmental review process and commercial competitor’s lawsuits are not the only potential impediments to development. This week the Oneida Indian Nation launched a statewide “educational” campaign accusing principals of Lago of impropriety and claiming that any economic benefits that may come from the new casino will come at a cost to the tribe’s enterprises.