A 600million dollar casino development could be in the future of the area of Interstate 71 and Ohio Route 73 if all goes well for Lakes Entertainment and myohionow.com. The casino would include a 220,000 square foot facility with as many as 5,000 slot machines, over a hundred gaming tables, a spa, a golf course, a 1,500 room hotel, bars, retail shows, and an entertainment complex. It would generate approximately 5,000 jobs and the revenues would be shared with all 88 counties of the state.

First however they need to generate approximately more than 400,000 signature to get the issue on the November ballot for a statewide vote.If it passes, and is added as a amendment to the state constitution, construction would begin about a year afterward. Lakes Entertainment has said it intends to give financial assistance where necessary to get the proposal on the referendum ballot. Lakes is a casino developer and already operates five Native American owned facilities in three states.