A Union County, New Jersey player took down a  jackpot worth more than  $1,500,000 playing Let It Ride at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulated Betfair online casino, it was announced today. Let It Ride is “house banked” poker variant where patrons play against the casino rather than other players. Rather than increasing bets as favorable cards are revealed, players can take them away or let it ride as the game progresses. This particular game has a 3 Card Bonus optional side bet as well as a 1000 to 1 payoff for a Royal Flush.

The player bet $500 on each of the three ride spots and placed another bet on the 3 Card Bonus. He let all bets ride and when all five cards were revealed he had a Diamond Royal Flush which paid $1.5 million at 1000:1 plus the bonus side bet.

The patron’s winnings surpassed the previous record holder, a Morris County woman who won $1.3 million in November. Online gambling has been legal in New Jersey since late 2013 – as long as a player is within the borders of the state.