Las Vegas Sands Corporation, one of the largest gambling operators in the world, is looking for a location in Long Island to build a casino following the suggestion of its senior vice president, David A. Paterson, a former New York governor.

Long Island locations:

Paterson said that they still do not know the location of the future facility and pointed out that the company should look at Long Island ‘‘because of all the congestion in Manhattan.”

Las Vegas Sands is considering, among other sites, the Nassau Hub and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum at Long Island. But the company needs to secure a state license to operate a casino. Paterson and other Sands executives spoke at the joint meeting of the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce and the Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers and presented the company’s plan.

Casino investments:

Sands representatives informed that the state gaming commission will open the application window next month. However, they have been told by officials that no licenses are expected to be issued before late 2023. Ron Reese and Norbert Riezler, Sands executives, said that the corporation typically invests between $3 billion and $4 billion in casino construction.

Looking at Long Island’s proximity to LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports, this area may become an attractive casino destination, according to Paterson.

Proximity to airports:

“The most important thing about the location of a casino is proximity to the airports because a very high percentage of gamblers fly around the world and go to these casinos,” he told Newsday and argued that high rollers can get from Long Island, and particularly Queens, to the airport in 15 minutes.

Queens and Brooklyn options:

Paterson also said that Queens, in particular the land close to Citi Field, and Coney Island in Brooklyn have been considered by project developers as possible casino sites. They consider these options rather than Manhattan‘s central business district due to its congestion. According to Paterson, ”gaming just is not functional in Manhattan.”

In addition to Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn locations, Sands has also looked at the UBS Arena in the Belmont Park area in Elmont.

Permanent location outline:
Other speakers at the chambers’ meeting indicated that Sands casinos revived their communities and pointed out that the future facility should include large conference rooms as well. Kristen Reynolds, CEO of tourism promotion agency Discover Long Island and the former employee of a Native American-owned casino in Arizona. said that he ‘‘had to turn away $35 million in conventions in the last few years.”
Las Vegas Sands Corporation continues its quest for a permanent location in the Long Island area.