It took one week for the legislature of Nevada to decide to pass plans to begin the construction of a stadium in Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders. On Friday, lawmakers approved a tax increase of almost 1% on hotel rooms to help fund a public contribution for the stadium project of $750 million. Additional funds will come from Sheldon Adelson, the NFL and the Raiders team. Adelson has stated that he will take on any costs that may come up over the $1.9 billion estimated amount for the stadium.

During the vote on the tax increase, the Senate was in approval by a 16 to 5 vote while the Assembly had a vote of 28 to 13. The legislation was subject to controversy as opponents felt the money could be better used in the state in other ways.

Governor Brian Sandoval is expected to sign the measure into law this Monday. The governor took to Twitter to talk about the legislative approval by stating that he was proud of members of #nvleg Assembly who took the opportunity to prepare LV for the next level of entertainment & hospitality.

The stadium process will now continue with a site being selected. Currently, there are two areas being considered, a site with 62 acres that is west of the Mandalay Bay casino and I-15 or the Bali Hai Golf Club which is located south of the Mandalay Bay casino. Also to be completed is approval for the Raiders to move to Las Vegas.  Owners of NFL teams are expected to meet in January to discuss the team’s move.