BUSINESS WIRE – JOINGO, a mobile technology company providing the most advanced mobile app solutions for the casino gaming industry, announces today it has finalized a strategic partnership with analytics solution provider VizExplorer.

Together, JOINGO and VizExplorer will offer JOINGO’s Mobile Platform under the product name “patronViz”. patronViz allows casino operators to quickly and easily create and maintain their own branded mobile apps, as well as deploy highly effective mobile campaigns that increase revenue and decrease marketing expenses. Players can download the casino’s app for their iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet devices to receive instant access to:

  • Real-time Players Club or loyalty account status
  • Personalized offers based on the individual player’s preferences
  • Location-based promotions that are triggered as the player enters or exits geo-fenced regions
  • In-venue marketing that delivers information and offers that are highly relevant to where the player is located within the casino property
  • Free-to-play mobile gaming

“The importance of the mobile channel continues to soar as now over 60% of the U.S. adult population owns a smartphone. With people spending more time on their phones, more than using a PC or watching TV, it makes sense to connect with players this way,” said Seamus McGill, President of JOINGO. “Our partnership with VizExplorer is a natural one as we have a well-proven mobile platform and VizExplorer is already the leader in providing a range of super-smart technology to casino operators.”

“The online and mobile worlds are becoming important to casino operators in their day-to-day operations; whether as a promotional channel or as an alternative gaming option for players,” added Andrew Cardno, VizExplorer Chief Technology Officer. “It’s an undeniable extension to the physical gaming floor and represents a new way of promoting player loyalty. Players today are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile apps such as banking, GPS navigation, Facebook and games. What’s exciting is that we already have operators who have signed up to buy the mobile app platform.”


JOINGO is a mobile technology company based in San Jose, CA with offices in Las Vegas. JOINGO’s patented technology targets smartphones and tablets using the latest in apps, location-based services, mobile gaming and more. JOINGO allows brands to reach mobile users with highly personalized and interactive mobile marketing campaigns that drive increased reach, loyalty, and revenue. For more information, visit

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