The Swedish operator behind the mobile-friendly online casino at has announced that the domain will be reducing the number of its affiliates in the United Kingdom in response to recent licensing changes enacted by the Gambling Commission regulator.

Stockholm-based LeoVegas AB, which completely pulled out of the Australian market in September, stated that it recently took ‘several steps’ in consultation with the Gambling Commission to ensure that and its affiliates ‘remain compliant with our licensing conditions and other applicable regulations’.

“As we appreciate the challenges around implementing these changes, we have provided clear guidance of what we expect from our affiliates and have tried to keep an open line of communication with our affiliates to support them throughout this process,” read a statement from LeoVegas AB.

Despite declaring that it had been ‘encouraged’ that several affiliates had taken its most recent recommendations on board by employing compliance managers or external legal counsel, LeoVegas AB explained that it was clear not all of its partners were able to be so proactive. It proclaimed that it would not be able to ‘continuously provide review and guidance services to all affiliates’ and further emphasized that the responsibility of being compliant ‘ultimately sits with the affiliate’.

LeoVegas AB detailed that it is moreover clear that ‘further ongoing changes to compliance requirements’ are in the pipeline from the Gambling Commission and that it must alter its practices in order to ensure all of its affiliates are ‘prepared to address these needs’ in the future.