LinQ, a pioneering platform in the Real Money Gaming (RMG) sector, has announced a significant funding milestone of $2.3 million from strategic investors including Drive by DraftKings, Sharp Alpha Advisors, MiddleGame Ventures, and a16z SPEEDRUN. This funding follows their earlier $1.5 million pre-seed round led by a16z SPEEDRUN in late 2023. The influx of capital is earmarked to bolster LinQ’s efforts in facilitating top mobile game developers’ entry into the lucrative RMG market.

Empowering mobile game developers:

LinQ specializes in providing a comprehensive tech stack and industry expertise that enables mobile game developers to swiftly and securely transition into the RMG sector. The platform manages critical aspects such as compliance, operations, geolocation, and payments, streamlining a complex and resource-intensive process across various jurisdictions.

By integrating LinQ’s turnkey infrastructure, game developers stand to benefit in several key ways. Real money games can be launched in as little as four weeks, significantly reducing time-to-market. LinQ offers a seamlessly integrated solution that minimizes development hurdles, enhancing operational efficiency. The platform’s business model aligns with client success, fostering mutual growth and sustainability.

LinQ has forged strong alliances with leading global game publishers and strategic partnerships with industry giants like Azur Games and Mamboo/My.Games. These collaborations underscore LinQ’s commitment to facilitating robust market entry strategies and supporting sustainable growth in the RMG space.

Market opportunity in RMG:

The global online RMG market, valued at $13 billion in 2023, is forecasted to reach $40 billion by 2028. This growth trajectory highlights RMG as the sole expanding category within the gaming industry, presenting a prime opportunity for studios to diversify revenue streams and capitalize on evolving consumer preferences.

As Markets Insider reports, Kevin Cubitt, Co-founder at LinQ, emphasized the platform’s pivotal role in addressing industry challenges and providing a regulatory-first approach to RMG. “We aim to offer all the essential tools and legal support necessary for top game developers to enter the RMG market swiftly and effectively,” Cubitt stated.

Dmitry Vysotski, Co-founder at LinQ, underscored the transformative potential of the platform’s infrastructure. “Our goal is to empower real-life economies within games, revolutionizing monetization strategies beyond free-to-play models,” Vysotski affirmed.

Investors such as Kanishk Walia from MiddleGame Ventures recognize LinQ’s regulatory prowess and strategic positioning in driving market innovation. “LinQ’s approach not only unlocks new revenue streams for gaming publishers but also opens doors for financial institutions to engage in this burgeoning sector,” Walia commented.

Kevin Cubitt brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as CEO of a European regulated lender, where he navigated full FCA regulatory approval and achieved a successful exit. Dmitry Vysotski, a seasoned tech entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founded Profitero, a leading e-commerce measurement company, which was later acquired for over $200 million.