Every lottery player dreams of hitting a big jackpot. With the new Lottoland UK game Lotto x5, players have a chance to win £1 million. This game not only lets players wager just £1 to play, it also offers five chances to win the big prize!

Major Prizes on Offer:

For every £1, players have multiple chances to win the million-pound prize. At a one pound bet, this game is sure to be popular among Lotto players. With the new Lotto x5 game, players choose six digits from a group of numbers 1-59. The player is then entered into a multi-prize lottery draw that offers five chances to win £1 million.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland, commented on the new game by stating: “Lottoland understands the huge lottery fandom here in the UK and we recognized that in order to stand out, we have to make sure that we offer more.”

“That’s what has inspired Lotto x5 – to make our games as compelling as possible, we’ve been asking UK lottery players what they really, really want from their lottery games, so that we could develop the best UK game for UK consumers.”

The new game has a drawing every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. This means that players of the UK lotto have as many as 15 chances to win a million-pound prize! With just a £1 bet for each drawing, the game is affordable for every player.

Charity Focused Lottery Game:

Lottoland has been busy creating new games over the past few months. Back in May, the lotto betting company announced the launch of a first charity focused lotto game. The Win-Win Charity Lotto will donate money to four charities. A total of 20p from every pound bet will go to a charitable cause.

The four charities that benefit from this game includes Keep Britain Tidy, The British Red Cross, the Marine Conservation Society and Hospice UK.