Earlier this week, Louis XIII Holdings Limited made an announcement that their Macau hotel property will be officially named ‘The 13’. The first images of the hotel’s interior were released to the public which comes three years after the hotel’s creation was announced back in 2013. The venue is supposedly going to be the most luxurious hotel to be built and should open late this summer. The cost of the hotel should be a total of $7 million for each room.

Co-Chairman of Louis XIII Holdings Limited, Stephen Hung, commented on the name change by stating that as the business and brand began to develop, the name ‘The 13’ was one that accurately reflected the hotel’s combination of Baroque inspiration and contemporary accents. 13 is Mr. Hung’s lucky number and the new name going along with the new logo will fit perfectly with his vision.

The new images of the hotel feature the beautiful interiors, including 200 rooms at the all-villa hotel, all of which offer a large suite space. The Villa du Comte will have a large floor area of 2,000 square feet with 31 being even larger. The most opulent, with 30,000 square feet of space, will be known as the Villa de Stephen. At the Villa du Comte, visitors can reserve a one bedroom villa, split-level, that features a private elevator lobby as well as butler service. The interior also includes a Roman bath in a marble bathroom with stained glass accents.

Hung calls the project a labor of love. The team and Mr. Hung put every ounce of creativity they had in the project to ensure each detail was perfect. Mr. Hung stated that the guests of The 13 should find the result truly remarkable and beyond anything they have experienced before.