A casino and restaurant located in Kennewick, Washington has decided to shut down after facing financial struggles. Lucky Bridge Casino posted a notice at the entrance, announcing their closing on Thursday. Located on South Gum Street, the casino’s manager, Raelynn Gallegos stated that financial struggles including problems with the lease involving the casino and the restaurant were the cause of the closure, along with an increase in operational costs.

Even though the casino was able to make progress within the past three years, the closure was a necessity according to Gallegos. Employees will be paid for their efforts, receiving paychecks through the last day of their shift, with paychecks provided on Monday.

There is little information known about the closure but it does appear that the decision was made by T.E.A.M. Hospitality Management, the owner of the casino, a company based in Miami. According to the Tri-City Herald, the email address listed for the company did not work and the owner, Robert B. Sturges, did not respond to a voice mail message. The newspaper also found that the owner had no outstanding liens with the Washington Department of Revenue and no action has been taken by the Washington State Gambling Commission, however they are looking into the closure, though it seems to be a business decision.

Gallegos first joined the casino in September of 2015 and was brought on as an expert that could help with dining and gaming by providing a fresh approach. The Lucky Bridge Casino has been described as a table game operation that includes a poker room. Electronic gaming was to be added in the future. The property also included a full-service restaurant and lounge. The restaurant of the facility, the Best Bet Bar and Grill, hosted a grand opening in the summer of 2014.