A new casino has been in the works for some time just off the Strip, on the north end, known as the Lucky Dragon Casino. After raising additional financing, the backers of the venue are now reporting that the casino will be completed this year. The casino has a boutique Asian theme and was stalled in 2015 after officials of Las Vegas denied help to get the tax increment financing needed.

Financing has now been secured fully and the Lucky Dragon will continue construction, finishing before the end of 2016. Andrew Fonfa, the developer of Allure, the condominium tower located adjacent to the site of the Lucky Dragon, and William Weidner, a businessman who previously held the title as an executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp, are the two behind the project.

Chief Operating Officer of the Lucky Dragon, David Jacoby, commented in a statement that the casino opening would provide more options for visitors to Las Vegas as well as locals. Jacoby stated the casino is filling a niche in Las Vegas and are thrilled to be providing such as ‘carefully curated array of Asian-focused gaming options’.

Once completed, the Lucky Dragon will be the first time a casino venue in Las Vegas has provided an authentic Asian lifestyle experience. Features of the casino includes multilingual staff, casino, tea garden, restaurants, spa and hotel.