Throughout the six-day Ching Ming Festival and Easter holidays that lasted from April 5 to 10, a total of 481,000 guests entered Macau’s borders, which means an average of about 80,000 guests entered Macau per day.

Tourists in the greatest number during the festival:

According to information unveiled by the Public Security Police Force: “2,97 million people entered and left Macau during the six day period, of which 953,000 were tourists entering and leaving the city. Of these, 481,000 entered and 472,000 departed.”

In terms of total passenger arrivals, there were 190,000 arrivals via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and 136,000 via the Border Gate.

Visitors during the Easter holidays:

Throughout the four-day period of the Easter holidays, there were approximately 340,000 visitor arrivals. During the first day of the holiday on Friday, April 7, close to 84,000 people entered Macau, while on Saturday there were around 90,000 arrivals.

However, the positive visitor statistics increased further during the recent Chinese New Year “Golden Week” holiday in February, when 451,047 visitors entered Macau during the seven-day period. This is also very good for the upcoming May 1 Labor Day holiday, which involves five consecutive days of holidays in mainland China.

Furthermore, as reported, on Monday, the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) unveiled its second phase of visitor incentives, enabling visitors entering through Hong Kong between April 10 and June 30 to get a free return bus or ferry ticket upon purchase of their initial travel ticket, if they stay at least one night.

The largest number of visitors:

The number of visitors this year for the Ching Ming Festival and Easter holiday period exceeded the total number of visitors throughout the seven-day Lunar New Year period earlier this year when just over 451,000 tourists came to Macau, as mentioned above.

A total of 451,047 visitor arrivals during the Gold Week of Chinese New Year were in Macau, up 297% more year-on-year. On average, 64,435 tourists booked a day during the seven-day period, while the peak of arrivals was reached in the middle of the week when it counted 90,391 tourists, which represents an increase of 311.5% compared to the same period last year.

Moreover, during the Lunar New Year, the average hotel occupancy rate reached 85.7%, representing an annual increase of 22.4 percentage points, with the highest occupancy level of 92.1% recorded on January 24, which represents the peak of tourist arrivals in region. As expected, accommodation rates also rose by nearly 50% to reach MOP1,575, which is approximately 195.3 US dollars, during the peak.

According to Asia Gaming Brief, Macau’s tourism bureau said: “The number of visitor arrivals throughout the festive period had surpassed expectations.”