Boutique gaming event organizer European Gaming Media and Events has announced that its coming Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is to feature a panel discussion on the European Union’s imminent implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Due to take place in Riga, Latvia at the four-star Astor Riga Hotel on May 8, the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit has been designed to offer iGaming operators and vendors from around the world the chance to gain valuable insights while touching base with Baltic and Scandinavian regulators.

In addition, the inaugural event will now feature the Countdown to GDPR panel event offering attendees the chance to learn about the new data protection regulations, which are to come into force across the 28-nation bloc on May 25, from experts including Dennis Voigt of German law firm Melchers Law.

European Gaming Media and Events explained that Tal Itzhak Ron from Tel Aviv-headquartered law firm Tal Ron, Drihem and Company will moderate its Countdown to GDPR event and be joined by seasoned speakers Jaka Repansek from RePublis and PaynetEasy Technologies Limited’s Boaz Gam.

“GDPR is bringing major changes that will give European Union citizens more control over their data and many experts are stressing the fact that three major changes are to be expected by the gambling industry,” read an official press release from European Gaming Media and Events.

The organizer detailed that the first of these alterations will require companies to keep better track of all of their data processing activities in order to avoid security breaches. Should a client’s information be unlawfully accessed, it stated that the second major change is due to compel companies to inform all impacted parties within 72 hours.

European Gaming Media and Events declared that the third significant change under the coming GDPR directive will involve data portability and see all database subscribers given the right to see any of their personal information that is being held.

“This is an important part as it implies that all data has been given by consent and the company has not collected other personal data as well,” read the press release from European Gaming Media and Events. “Either way, under GDPR there will be an increased emphasis on being able to demonstrate compliance and avoid penalties.”