The cash prize attached to the latest edition of the United States’ multi-jurisdictional MegaMillions lottery game has reportedly grown to an estimated $415 million after no player managed to correctly match all six winning numbers via last Friday night’s draw.

Lucrative Tuesday draw:

According to a Saturday report from Las Vegas-based television broadcaster, KTNV-TV, the lucrative game’s next draw is set to take place later today to give at least one lucky lottery aficionado the chance to begin 2019 as a multi-millionaire.

Millionaire opportunity:

Offered by the lotteries of 44 American states as well as the District of Columbia and the Unites States Virgin Islands, MegaMillions has reportedly not been hit since awarding just over $1.5 billion via a draw in October. The current jackpot represents the eighth largest in the game’s history and is set to feature an immediate cash option worth at least $248.8 million.

Quintuple occasion:

KTNV-TV additionally reported that today’s draw, which is to feature estimated odds of one in 302.5 million, is due to represent the fifth time MegaMillions has held a drawing on the first day of a new year with the last game to pay out on this memorable holiday coming some eleven years ago.

Smaller prizes conferred:

Each entry into MegaMillions, which is not available to players in Nevada, Hawaii, Mississippi, Utah, Alabama and Alaska, costs $2 and sees players select six numbers between one and 70 that they think will be pulled out at a subsequent draw. Although Friday evening’s draw did not award the full prize, it did reportedly hand out smaller cash amounts worth up to $20,000 to some 1.2 aficionados that had managed to correctly pick at least some of the correct numerals.