According to local sources, one former national player and the team captain and vice-captain of Nepal’s national football team among others have been arrested and charged with match-fixing in international and national games.

Those arrested include former national defender Bikash Singh Chhetri, vice-captain Sandip Rai, captain Sagar Thapa, goalkeeper Ritesh Thapa and Three Star Club Anjan KC’s former player and coach, according to multiple reports. They are accused of accepting money from international bookmakers in Singapore and Malaysia to lose matches. The match-fixing dates as far back as 2009 and include matches played against Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Confirmation that the football players were arrested by police was offered by Indraman Tuladhar, All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) CEO and manager Ramesh Rayamajhi.

According to the police who received information about their involvement in the illegal activities, the players were monitored for weeks and an investment in a casino in neighboring Sikkim, India was made by at least one of the suspects. Financial records and banks statement of those involved have been seized as evidence.

The Nepal National Football Team is governed by the All Nepal Football Association and is the national team of Nepal and a member of the Asian Football Confederation.