In spite of the Putin government ordering casino operators in the entire Azov City gaming zone to close shop by January 1, 2019, Merkur Gaming (GmbH), a Lübbecke, Germany -based company that designs and manufactures casino gaming systems, is continuing to make progress in the Russian market, with its recent addition of Avantgarde SLT slot machines to the Shambala Casino, located in Azov City.

Merkur Gaming’s International Sales Manager, Alexander Moor, said “Our business relations date back to 2014 and since this date we have been in close contact with Casino management. The feedback was always positive, but due to insufficient space available on the gaming floor, there were previously no possibilities in the past to place our machines. The recent extension has now solved this challenge and we are overjoyed that our Avantgarde SLT slot machines now adorn the new beautiful Shambala Casino,” according to G3 Newswire.

On May 1, Russian president Vladimir Putin extended the life of the casinos to January 1, 2019, when he signed an amendment to the original shutdown order which was due to take effect in April of 2015. That extension has made it possible for Shambala Casino to make the necessary adjustments, including the addition of more world-class gaming equipment, in order for it to become a top gaming destination, making it a perfect fit for Merkur’s Avantgarde SLT slot machines.

Special gambling zones were created in Russia in 2007 and in 2009 the government outlawed all casinos that existed outside of those zones. Escaping the decree, investments flooded Azov City and three casinos opened, the Shambala Casino being one.