Metric Gaming and Sports IQ have agreed to terms on forming a partnership that will provide their customers with various U.S. based sports betting products and services. Metric is an industry leading operator that offers business to business sports betting entities. Its new partner is a world class odds maker for the major sports leagues based in the United States of America.

Both entities have decided to join forces in order to build as well as launch a fully integrated platform for betting on U.S. based sporting events. They will offer their users superior products and services for betting on games taking place in the United States. The major sports leagues that will be covered include the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, the NHL, the NCAA, and possibly others like the MLS, the WNBA, and the CFL.

Due to the fact that this partnership between the two was agreed upon earlier in the year of 2019, they will be providing these products and services for betting on sports as soon as the first quarter of 2020. More details revolving around these offerings should be available sometime soon from the two organizations involved in this partnership.

More on the Brands:

One of the co-founders of Metric , Martin de Knijff, is a World Poker Tour champion, and the executives that run the organization are all former executives from major and well established operators in the gaming industry.

Sports IQ is an industry leading odds maker that utilizes proprietary analytical and mathematical models to create a one of a kind handicapping method for gaming providers. Their area of concentration is on U.S. based sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, MLS, WNBA, and the CFL. This partnership seems to be a match made in heaven.

Media Statements:

“We are delighted to partner with a company of Sports IQ’s calibre,” says de Knijff. “The two businesses have similar DNA; we’re both committed to working at the sharpest end of industry, competing on quality and winning in the right way. These products will represent a sharp improvement on the current quality benchmark of US Sports products available, particularly for the nascent US market.”

Omer Dor, Co-Founder at Sports IQ, stated, “We believe there is a new standard of expectation from suppliers to deliver innovative, reliable and best-in-class products. We are delighted to be working with an exciting company like Metric Gaming as they match our aspirations, and we recognize their huge potential to further disrupt the B2B sport betting market in Europe, the US, and beyond. We look forward to their new and existing clients benefitting from the Sports IQ suite of products.”