Metro Play Limited received a notice from the UK Gaming Commission that their license would be suspended until a review of their operations was conducted. There are suspected operations problems regarding section 116 in the Gambling Act of 2005.

According to website checks since Friday the site stated “maintenance” was occurring for the next couple of hours. Both Metro Play and 666Bet Twitter feeds also alluded to the websites “continued downtime.” The Twitter feed states there will be an announcement soon for players who would like to withdraw funds.

Using a search engine to try to access the sites, all it would deliver was “unable to load current page.” Until the UK Gaming Commission conducts its review the sites are likely to stay this way. There seems to be a probe regarding the activities or how the license is being used, although details are still unclear. According to the legislation it could be as simple as the license being out of date or something regarding the gambling options they provide players.