American casino operator MGM Resorts International has now completed the $325 million acquisition of an additional 5% stake in its MGM China Holdings Limited subsidiary from Hong Kong entrepreneur Pansy Ho.

First announced last month, the deal means that MGM Resorts International now owns approximately 56% of the firm behind the MGM Macau Grand Casino Resort alongside the soon-to-open MGM Cotai Casino Resort.

According to a report from the Bloomberg news service, the agreement has seen MGM Resorts International hand Ho’s holding company $100 million in cash alongside approximately $175 million in stock and $50 million in deferred payments in lieu of dividends.

“Our increased stake in MGM China Holdings Limited and enhanced relationship with Pansy both reinforce our belief in the long-term prospects of Macau and the future success of MGM China Holdings Limited, in which Pansy remains a significant shareholder and collaborative partner,” said Jim Murren, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International. “We remain focused on our strategic goals and believe we have taken another step to further position our company to generate sustainable value to our shareholders.”

Ho is the daughter of gambling mogul Stanley Ho Hung Sun and she partnered with MGM Resorts International to establish MGM China Holdings Limited as a 50/50 venture in 2007. The 54-year-old ceded joint control of the Macau casino operator in 2011 by selling a 1% stake to MGM Resorts International before offering another portion of her shareholding via a public sale that raised $1.5 billion. The former television presenter now holds approximately 22.4% of MGM China Holdings while owning around 4.8% of MGM Resorts International.

“I believe in the long-term future of Macau and I think that owning more of MGM China [Holdings Limited] over time is going to be a very accretive transaction for the MGM Resorts International shareholder,” Murren told Bloomberg last month. “This was a relatively small deal but it’s large in the sense of directionally it signals the fact that MGM Resorts International wants to own more of MGM China [Holdings Limited], it believes in the long-term growth [of MGM China Holdings Limited] and I think that it is going to have to be done in bite-sized pieces as opposed to owning a lot straightaway.”