Isle of Man-based software provider Microgaming has launched its latest online slot game it’s calling “Simple Silly Fun.” Poke The Guy features a wacky character, outlandish animations and colorful graphics. A first of its kind, the off-the-wall game offers players a unique and interactive way to win some fantastic prizes.

Definitely not a “traditional” slot, the aim of the game is to attack The Guy, who looks a lot like American actor Danny Trejo wearing a onesie and who is having way too much fun stomping on a map that features some of the world’s most famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Sphinx of Giza, Mount Rushmore, the Egyptian pyramids, The Little Mermaid and what looks to be the London Eye, and to save the citizens from his shenanigans. During the game, players can choose from an arsenal of weapons, including a rubber ducky, a tree, a butcher knife, a piranha and what looks to be a big flaming pile of you know what, which they catapult at The Guy with a super-sized electrified slingshot.

If a player’s weapon of choice hits The Guy in the face, he or she will be rewarded one of the multiplier values, of either 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x, or the top prize of 500x.

Players only need tap on the slingshot and the object of their choosing will be randomly launched in the beast’s direction, with each weapon hurled at The Guy counting as a bet. The Guy is crazy nimble though and will try to evade the downpour of projectiles, all the while stomping on famous landmarks.

Poke The Guy is fully optimized for mobile, allowing players the chance to increase their wins in portrait mode on any compatible device.

So “Beat that Son of Beast” and check out the game now live with Microgaming and Quickfire operators!

Poke The Guy joins Temple of Tut and Amazing Aztec, two adventure-themed games developed by Swedish premium game studio Just For The Win and released by Microgaming in early May.