As of this writing there has still been no official or public response from the regulators, Finsoft/SpieloG2, or the casinos running the games in question. There was however a non-relevant “confession” from “katie91” on the Casinomeister forums stating that in fact he was an advantage player attempting to profit with bonus on a game advertised as returning 100%. The player also says he opened an account, with permission, in his sister’s name to attempt this.

I would also like to clarify that I did not in any way profit from my play at Betfred nor was I aware of any flaw in the game before I started playing. The amount refunded was the exact amount of the deposits so there are no winnings resulting from this.

It is not allowed by the terms and conditions of Betfred to play with more than one account. The fact that he discovered the issues in the course of “foul play” has no bearing on other salient facts, and by no means answers the question; Did Finsoft Rig Casino Games?