The state of Mississippi was able to produce another winning month in the casino industry for October. With casinos performing best along the Gulf Coast, the gambling revenues for the entire state increased by 7 percent.

The Mississippi Revenue Department released figures for the month of October which revealed that casinos were able to win $174 million from gamblers. This was the highest total for the month since 2011. The 12 coastal casinos saw gamblers lose $99 million which is a 13% increase from October of 2015.

Twenty-five dollar machines in the Central region were the only losers in the report. Those 16 devices experienced an average loss of $454.79 each. Unlike Nevada and several other states, Multi-Denomination slot machines in Mississippi are accounted for in the lowest denomination option available on the slot machine. The 18 one-hundred dollar machines located in the Northern region took in an overage of $5,044.78 each.

Coastal casinos are doing so well that the increase for the month is actually the 24th time within the last 29 months of operation. For casinos located along the Mississippi River, revenues fell less than 1% with earnings of $74 million reported. It is believed that the casinos along the river are ready for a return to grown as declines have been slowing to lesser amounts.