After refinancing its gaming debt in November following a $2 million swell in overall profits, the Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians has announced plans to build a new casino in the southern state offering around 500 slots as well as ten gaming tables.

The tribe revealed that the site for its coming Red Water Casino was approved as part of a tribal resolution passed on Friday with the 35,800 sq ft facility due to be located on a part of its Leake County reservation near Red Water Community. The 10,800-strong Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians explained that the venue is expected to be open for business by this time next year creating approximately 200 new jobs.

The Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians is the only federally-recognized tribe in Mississippi and is already responsible via its Choctaw Resort Development Enterprise Incorporated venture for the Silver Star Resort Casino and the Golden Moon Casino at Neshoba County’s Pearl River Resort as well as the Bok Homa Casino in Jones County along with the nearby Dancing Rabbit Inn and the Geyser Falls Water Theme Park.

“This project is a win for our tribe,” read a statement from Phyliss Anderson, Chief for the Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians. “The Red Water Casino will bring new jobs and more revenues to our growing population. We must invest in our future; opportunities do not stand still and wait. I am very thankful to the members of our council that support this project and believe in moving our tribe forward.”