The casino events calendar at the Mohegan Sun Pocono will be a bit lighter this year as the Plains Township casino plans to discontinue a few of its more popular functions.

Local news agency, The Citizen’s Voice, citing Mohegan Sun Pocono CEO, Tony Carlucci, reports that among the changes, the casino will not hold its July 4 fireworks display but instead will contribute to the City of Wilkes-Barre July 4 fireworks event at Kirby Park.

It marks the first time in years the Pennsylvania casino has not held the popular event. Carlucci said, “While we have enjoyed providing firework displays in years past, we always want to stay involved in the community outside of Mohegan Sun Pocono too, and this was one of those initiatives.”

The CEO did not disclose the cost of putting on such an event at the casino or just how much the Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment-owned and operated casino would be contributing to the city’s fireworks display. He did, however, reportedly tell the news agency that they “are proud to be the largest financial contributor as the title sponsor for this event at Kirby Park.”

Another popular event that will be missing this year is Oktoberfest. In past years, the casino has held the event in partnership with the owner of The Citizen’s Voice, Times-Shamrock Communications. In an emailed statement to the news agency, Carlucci said, “We’re always evaluating our events across Mohegan Sun Pocono, those of the annual variety included,” and, “In doing so for PA Oktoberfest, which was a partnership with Times-Shamrock, keeping both what is best for our guests in mind as well as what is best for Mohegan Sun Pocono from a business standpoint, we decided it was in the best interest to take this year off and continue to evaluate this fall event.”

Carlucci did, however, point out the possibility that an Oktoberfest event could return “in revamped fashion” to the Mohegan Sun Pocono after this year.

Another change this year that is certain to be noticed at Mohegan Sun Pocono is a newly instituted charge for valet parking effective July 5. According to The Citizen’s Voice, Carlucci said the parking rates for guests won’t exceed $6, with “Ignite” level “Momentum” guests being charged $3. Meanwhile, free parking will still be enjoyed by “Ascend,” “Leap” and “Soar” level guests, he said. Those program levels are acquired by guests who earn “status points,” which are based on their level of play.

Guests with registered vehicles requiring accessible parking under the American with Disabilities Act will still receive free parking, Carlucci said.

One thing that won’t apparently be going away is complimentary draft beer while gaming. However, beginning July 1, Carlucci said guests playing at a gaming table or slot machine will have an expanded choice of complemented spirits, the local news agency reports.

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  1. Beb

    This CEO at Mohegan Sun Pocono is a total idiot. First he changes the way to get to the casino floor that everyone hates. You have to walk a half mile to get to the bathroom. Now he is going to charge for parking. I go there almost everyday because I am retired. I have to valet because my wife is handicapped. I am not going to pay between one hundred and one hundred fifty bucks a month to valet park my car. There are many people going to the casino that are in the same boat as me. The asshole said the higher your card the less you pay, I hardly ever use my card because half of the machine card readers are broke. He is going to make the place go broke. Get rid of him and bring Soper back to run things.

    • John

      This new CEO is ruining everything. I’m with BEB up there, he ‘s getting rid of everything. just got my JULY calendar and there are no choice credit points on it, what the heck is going on. And I agree with all the walking just to get to the bathroom and with the machines not even working to accept your cards in the first place. I think a call to Conn. is in order here as I ‘ll be going elsewhere.


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