Every lottery player dreams of hitting the big one! A major prize that is totally life changing. This is exactly what happened to a family of Montreal after playing the Lotto Max. During the June 11th drawing, the family won the largest jackpot in the history of Canada, earning $65,000,000!

Major Win:

The big win was earned by Giuseppa Lo Giudice Lanteri who won a Free Play ticket via Quebec Max. With the win, she decided to add Lotto Max and extra. It was the add-ons that provided the family with the amazing prize of $65,000,000.

The lucky winner purchased the ticket at Dépanneur Springland in Montreal. The convenience store will now earn $650,000 due to the jackpot win. Retailers are provided 1% of the jackpot when a win occurs from a ticket purchased within their facility.

According to a press release…

Vice President of Public Affairs and President of Operations at Loto-Quebec, Isabelle Jean, commented on the big win by stating: “We’ve never paid out such a huge jackpot! Lotto Max is one of Québec’s most popular lottery draws and we’re thrilled that this is the second Lotto Max jackpot that’s been won here. Just one month ago, a group from Montréal’s South Shore won a whopping $50,000,000 through Lotto Max.”

Using the Winnings:

Giuseppa and her husband Nunzio plan on using a portion of their lottery winnings to provide for their two children. The couple also plan on giving four additional family members a portion of the winnings. The family is happy to help their children and also will be using some of the funds to purchase a new home. They hope to find a new dwelling in the same neighborhood in which they have lived for the past five decades.