On Thursday morning, at around 5 a.m., two sisters decided to leave the Motor City Casino after a night of gambling. Beverly and Janet Hill were surprised by an attacker, who abducted the pair, and then carjacked their vehicle. The women were making their way to their vehicle when they were attacked.

The women were confronted by the man on the roof of the parking garage, who told the sisters to get in the car while brandishing a gun. The unidentified man then got in the back seat and told the driver to put the car in reverse.

Beverly was driving and did what she was told out of fear. She tried to stay calm, with Beverly noting after the incident that the man acted like he had done something like this before. Beverly was told to drive to Schoolcraft, to a field area, and was then told to get out of the vehicle. When the women got out, the man got in and took off.

Thankfully, a stranger pulled up and helped them get to the police station. A suspect was arrested on Saturday, but has yet to be named publicly. The Motor City Casino has responded to the incident, stating they take the isolated incident seriously. The casino is working closely with law enforcement as the investigation continues with the safety and security of guests being of the utmost importance. Beverly has stated she will not stop going to the casino but would like the venue to be more aware of security.