The NBA has been back in action for some time, using its Orlando bubble to continue the season Covid-19 free. Along with getting back to the court, the NBA is also focusing efforts on live sports broadcasting options. The league recently decided to implement something called NBABet Stream. This option is a betting-focused broadcast with an aim at gambling fans.

New Live Broadcast:

SVP/head of fantasy and gaming for the NBA, Scott Kaufman-Ross, spoke about NBABet Stream recently, talking about alternative broadcasting and how it should be different from the primary telecast. With the new NBABet show, Kaufman-Ross said that the NBA wanted to provide a group of people that would stimulate viewers from a betting perspective.

The broadcast is light and fun, providing a more conversational way to view the game. With this content, the broadcast is focused on fans who are interested in sports betting. Betting concepts are discussed as the show streams NBA content.

Working with Turner Sports and Bleacher Report:

The NBA has teamed up with Turner Sports and the Bleacher Report to offer the new broadcasts. NBABet Stream will be shown on the NBA TV channel as well as found in the app. Broadcasts will also be present on NBA League Pass, which is the out-of-market streaming service of the league.

When creating content for the new show, the association had to focus on the target audience as well as determine new ways to make the games more exciting. With the coronavirus still a major issue, fans are unable to attend games. The league has to work harder to ensure that creativity is used to bring fans closer to the action in new ways that are appealing.

New Olympic Entertainment Group Partnership:

The new broadcast is announced just days after the NBA reported a new deal with Olympic Entertainment Group. The new exclusive partnership with the largest casino operator in Estonia will find the group the official betting partner for the NBA via a multi-year agreement.

The Eastern European operator will be able to use the NBA betting data via its gaming halls and casinos of which there are more than 100. They will also use the data at OlyBet, it’s sports betting service.