Several Nepali casinos are set to re-open, after being closed down by strict governmental regulations in the spring of last year. A total of ten casinos were forced into closure, following their failure to renew licenses, as the new governmental guidelines required of them.

The Tourism Department of Nepal has already recently given permission for Casino Mahjong, locating in Soaltee Crowne Plaza to re-open. The casino is currently undergoing a trial period and could be open full-time as early as next week. The move would follow on from the Casino Royale at Hotel Yak and Yeti, which re-opened on February 1.  They were granted permission to remain open under the previous regulations, prior to the new governmental changes in the law.

Other casinos would could soon re-open in the country include the Casino Tara, Casino Venus and Valley Link properties, which are currently awaiting licenses to be confirmed from the government. Valley Link are somewhat optimistic of their re-opening, with the President of Casino Association Nepal (who is also their managing director) insisting that they could be up and running once more, within two months.

One casino that will be abiding by the new government guidelines is The Millionaire’s Club and Casino, which is run by Silver Heritage Limited, who are based out of Hong Kong. Two other new casinos could also open up, with Vegas City International, and Prime International and Recreation having applied for licenses.

The new governmental laws centred on royalties to be paid by the casinos, with requirements of up to 250 million Nepali Rupees to be paid. It is believed that via negotiations, this has been dropped to 150 million. Casinos will also have to pay out 20 million Nepali Rupees to obtain a license, 500,000R for a registration fee, and an annual 10,000,000R a year to renew a license under the new laws.