Top-rated supplier NetEnt has revealed a new innovation to the online gaming world titled Starburst PowerPots. A groundbreaking Community Jackpot system, the new option is customizable and will allow players to collect tokens within the most popular online slot games from the brand, offering up a plethora of prizes.

Want to Earn Rewards Even Offline?

The unique jackpot concept allows players to collect special Starburst tokens via several casino brands and game titles. The tokens provide players with a chance to win a community jackpot along with fellow players.

Together, players will fill up a progress bar connected to the PowerPots system. When the jackpot is triggered, the community pot is then divided among the players, even if they are offline at the time.

Operators have the ability to configure the PowerPots as they wish, offering varying RTP configurations as well as prize set up and contributions. Operators can even match the user interface to their iGaming brand for better player recognition.

According to the developer

Director of Games, Bryan Upton, commented on the new product by stating it was developed with the expectations of both players and customers in mind. According to Upton, the Starburst brand will help to create massive acquisition with the jackpot mechanics working to drive player engagement.

Upton said:  “This is community gaming without the overengineering and overthought on what slot players really want. This product can fit into any operator’s portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots.”

New Content Deals:

Along with the brand-new Community Jackpot system, NetEnt has been busy signing new content deals. The innovative developer announced in late January that they had signed a deal with Blueprint Gaming to expand their footprint in the United Kingdom.

Based on the terms of the deal, the UK-based studio will have access to a plethora of popular themed releases within the first half of 2020. Titles will be live among the network of Blueprint’s retail gaming machines found at bingo halls, arcades, licensed betting offices and pubs.