June was reportedly a very good month for the casino industry in Nevada as its aggregated win rose by some 11.57% year-on-year to top a best-ever $1.04 billion and push the comparative second-quarter figure up by 0.97% to just shy of $2.95 billion.

Public benefits:

According to a Tuesday report from the Associated Press news service published by the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, the June win figure saw the western state collect approximately $55 million in percentage fee-based gaming taxes, which represented an increase of 15.9% year-on-year, to help swell overall fiscal statewide revenues up to almost $11.91 billion.

Annual monotony:

The Las Vegas Sun reported that gambling is second behind only sales taxes in terms of how Nevada accrues public revenues while the sector has been averaging aggregated annual win rises of about 1% over the course of the past decade.

Michael Lawton, Chief Analyst for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, reportedly told the news service that June’s result had concluded a relatively flat twelve months for the local gaming industry although the state had earned around $710.51 million in gaming-related taxes through to the end of June 25, which was more than the $683 million it had earned for the entirety of the previous fiscal period.

Lawton said…

“Gaming win has now increased in four consecutive fiscal years and eight of the last nine.”

Baccarat boost:

Official figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (pdf) showed that the biggest source for June’s win were slots as they contributed some $536.51 million, which represented a swell of 7.31% year-on-year. But, the official results showed that baccarat also played a significant role with the game’s $157.95 million being 114.3% higher than the same month in 2018.

Strip significance:

As to where casino aficionados were choosing to play in June, the regulator’s figures indicated that the Las Vegas Strip had seen a 17.69% increase year-on-year in win to $616.59 million although the twelve-month figure of $6.54 billion had represented a comparative decline of 0.89%. The figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board moreover showed that Clark County as a whole had experienced a 14.63% win rise for the month to $906.68 million with the annual tally of  $10.24 billion being an improvement of 0.75%.