Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), Nevada’s regulatory body, proposed approval of licenses for Station Casinos, owned by Red Rock Resorts Inc., involving validation of executives and officers for the firm’s latest Durango Casino & Resort located in soutwest Las Vegas.

Approvals despite appeals:

The suggestions for approval came regardless of appeals from Culinary Union’s representatives who claimed that the aforementioned Station Casinos “used MUD lists – documents listing the names of laid-off employees who supported either management, unions or if they don’t know whether they support either,” when deciding who to employ for job roles at the firm’s Wildfire and Station facilities.

In addition, representatives of Culinary Union 226 showed up in front of the aforementioned Board throughout the nearly 30 minutes of public comment period that came before the Board’s schedule. Few of them said that “there are 2,261 names of union employees on MUD lists that haven’t been recalled by the company after being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic years.” They also asked members of the said Board to ask Scott Kreeger, who is Red Rock’s president, about the firm’s employment practices. However, apart from them condemning the Station officials, few backers of the aforementioned management called on the Board to compliment the firm’s attitude towards its employees.

Moreover, the aforementioned suggestions of the NGCB will be taken into account for final validation by the Nevada Gaming Commission which is scheduled for September 21st.


Stephen Cootey and Jeffrey Welch, Senior Vice Presidents, and Kreeger sought licenses as crucial workers for many Station facilities, involving Durango, which is slated to open November 20.

In this regard, the aforementioned Board, which has 3 members, didn’t question about employment practices or the MUD lists during the hearing. After the hearing, Kirk Hendrick, Chairman of the Control Board, said: “The state’s open meeting law prohibits the board from acting on matters brought to it during public comment periods. Conflicts between union and management are under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board and it would have been inappropriate for the Control Board to assert itself in the dispute between the Culinary Union and Station management.”

Additional approvals recommended by the Board:

Beside unanimously suggesting licenses validations for Welch, Cootey and Kreeger, the Board also suggested approvals for few more requests related to the Station Casinos. In that regard, validation was granted for the licensing and registration of the Durango resort’s sportsbook and three exclusive gaming parlors for gamblers who love to spend big when gambling at Durango. Relatedly, longtime Station worker who was promoted to Durango’s general manager in December 2022, David Horn, told the Board’s members: “500 employees have been hired there with 1,200 more to be brought in to the 211-room property.”

Another recommendation for validation was given that Station provides 3 gaming lounges at Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casinos. Additionally, renovation to those lounges, where high-rollers may play “high-stake” games in a room “separate” from the primary casino, is projected to be finished by November 9.

However, beside the above approvals, the NGCB has also proposed the approval of Station managing the sportsbook at El Cortez property located in downtown Las Vegas. And other suggestion was made to change the order of registration to allow Angela Fertitta to “share an interest in the business.” However, she will not have management supervision.