Gaming regulators in the state of Nevada will now have the opportunity to offer arcade-style slot gaming thanks to Governor Brian Sandoval signing Senate Bill 9 into law. The gaming equipment industry of Nevada were in support of Senate Bill 9, which was proposed by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. After looking at the effects of technology in regards to gaming by the interim study committee in 2014, the new bill was proposed in the hopes of adopting rules for slot gaming additions.

Sandoval signed the bill, stating that the new rules would give casinos the opportunity to incorporate games that are skill-based to their offerings, which will be more appealing to a new generation of casino visitors. The Governor stated that for the state to be able to maintain an edge in the competitive gaming industry, Nevada must learn to expand, evolve and embrace the potential found with 21st century technology.

The idea behind the new legislation is to create slot machine gaming that includes elements of skills as well as additional features that will appeal to younger visitors. Online game providers have offered skill based slots for some time with the interactive golf-skill bonus game “Hole in Won” being one of the best known. The Nevada Gaming Commission will now need to draft regulations that will allow the new technology to be created. The bill was able to move though both houses with a unanimous vote.

Younger gamblers are more engaged with new technology, so the new bill will essentially allow gaming manufacturers to provide cutting technology in regards to slot gaming to keep younger visitors entertained. It is believed that such new technology would increase the amount of slot game play in the state by attracting players who would normally play arcade games or similar style gaming.


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  1. Stephen Riesenberger

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