Late Friday evening, Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada signed two bills into legislation that would allow Uber and Lyft, ride-hailing companies, to reenter Nevada and offer their services. After signing Assembly Bills 175 and 176, to allow such companies to use smartphones applications for hailing rides, cab companies took to The Strip in protest.

Yellow Checker Star union cabdrivers took to the Strip to protest the signing of the transportation measures. The drivers marched along the Las Vegas Boulevard area near Caesars Palace for over an hour to protest allowing Uber to reenter the transportation industry.

Cabdrivers believe that with the companies offering their services, driver numbers will be unregulated and cabbies plus their owners will see Uber flooding the marketplace with their vehicles. Currently, the Nevada Taxicab Authority regulates close to 3,000 cabs in the area. Uber has stated they would try to bring 10,000 to 15,000 contracted drivers on the roadways in southern Nevada.

The demonstrative protest was a peaceful one as cabdrivers wanted to show they are not pleased with the thought of Uber moving back into Las Vegas roadways. Drivers carried signs during the protest that read: “Help keep Nevada roads safe” as well as “Protect our jobs. Protect your safety”.