As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the state of Nevada, gaming regulators have decided to issue new rules in an effort to protect dealers. Effective immediately, the casinos in Nevada will require players to wear a mask when at a gaming table that does not have a plexiglass partition.

New Rules and Guidelines:

Along with the new table game mask rule, the Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a new guideline where casinos must offer a mask to guests as they enter. The gaming properties must also place signage throughout their venues telling customers that masks are available.

Before the Nevada casinos were allowed to reopen, guidelines were put in place to ensure player and employee health and safety. However, the regulators did not mandate masks for all visitors. According to, after the casinos reopened in early June, pictures and videos surfaced that showed most guests were not wearing masks.

Coronavirus Cases on the Rise:

In Nevada, particularly Clark County where Las Vegas is situated is seeing a spike in coronavirus case. A daily record of 342 was hit on Tuesday. Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention science advisor Julie Swann has weighed in on the topic, stating the number of new cases is not a second wave.

She compared the increase in totals to a ripple and that there is still a tsunami left to take place.

Casinos in Las Vegas are trying their best to get back to normal, though venues can only operate at 50% capacity or less. They must also provide additional cleaning as well as practice social distancing. Because the casinos are operating at a lower capacity, there are still employees of casinos that have yet to be called back to work.

As people continue to congregate in casinos and other areas in Las Vegas and the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, it may be some time before the full workforce is back in action.