Alleged issues outlined by the Nevada Gaming Control Board concerning a Humboldt County casino’s rewards club program and cash requirements have resulted in the agreed upon relinquishment of the state license by the establishment’s owner.

According to an agreement between the board and Harold Holder, current owner of the Sundance Casino in rural Winnemucca, Nevada, a fine in the amount of $12,029 will be paid to the state. Holder also once owned Sharkey’s Casino in Gardnerville, Nevada which underwent a five-month remodel by the casino’s new owner and reopened in May. The Gardnerville landmark is not named in the complaint.

Under the agreement Holder will be allowed to operate the Winnemucca business until the license for the Sundance Casino is surrendered on October 29, or February 29, 2016 if a buyer is found and has applied for a state gaming license.

According to board documents, in September of last year the rewards club program that issued points worth cash which were accumulated by players via play, a system which both the casinos operated under, malfunctioned and the points that had been accumulated by players were lost. The board also alleged that the casino did not possess the required cash on hand.

In 2009 six northern Nevada casinos controlled by Hal Holder Sr. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, according to a 2009 Las Vegas Sun article.