According to Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, the 2017 Super Bowl brought a record betting handle to Nevada Sportsbooks, generating a total of $138.48 million – or approximately $6 million more than their previous record from last year’s Super Bowl, when the handle was $132.5 million. This year’s handle marks a 40% increase in the period since 2013, when the amount was $99million, a growth which was in large part thanks to mobile betting, according to news reports.

This year’s Super Bowl also brought Nevada operators a $10.9 million dollar profit, marking nine consecutive years the sportsbooks haven’t lost money on the event. The last Super Bowl which saw the sportsbook lose profits was in 2008, when the Giants vs. Patriots game caused a $2.5 million loss for the operators. However, when compared to last year, the 2017 Super Bowl generated less profits for the sportsbooks, amounting to a total of 7.9%, as opposed to the 10.1% of 2016. This is the third highest profit in the past decade for Nevada sportsbooks, although nearly half less that their 2014 record of $19.7 million.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has been tracking Super Bowl wagering ever since 1990 and during this period Nevada’s sportsbooks have come ahead in 25 out of 27 Super Bowl events, generating a total net profit of $173.6 millions. A number of operators did well during this year’s event, according to news reports, including the Westgate Casino Resort and Wynn Vegas, but also the South Point Casino, where the sportsbook had a record handle. The 2017 Super Bowl brings record betting handle to Nevada sportsbooks, despite reports of a national decline in audience for the game broadcast.